Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Felix Culpa's album-release show in Chicago last weekend was totally killer -- thanks to everyone who came out and even more thanks to everyone who picked upa copy of Sever Your Roots on vinyl! I ended up having a few copies of the black vinyl (limited to 100) left after the show and after fulfilling all the pre-order package deals, so they're back up in the YCR store. Act fast before they're gone forever!

Also, the pressing info has changed slightly after I got a chance to do a full count and inspection of the whole pressing:

/50 on clear/black mix vinyl (HOT TOPIC EXCLUSIVE)
/108 on black vinyl
/350 on clear vinyl

Those clear/black mixes will be available in Hot Topics in the IL/WI region soon; as soon as I have a solid list of what stores will be carrying them, I'll post it here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Test pressings are in!

I just picked up the Sever Your Roots test presses and will be spinning them tonight. Check it out!