Sunday, October 13, 2013

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Monday, June 24, 2013

YCR-008 announcement: Meridian - Aging Truths LP

We're incredibly honored to be releasing Meridian's debut album, Aging Truths, in an extremely limited pressing of only 300 copies on random colored vinyl. The earlier you pre-order, the rarer the color you will get. If you order multiple copies, you will receive the rarest colors available at the time of your order.
Meridian is the brainchild of Max Stern, best known as the vocalist/guitarist for rising Cleveland punk band Signals Midwest. Many of the songs comprising Meridian's full-length debut, Aging Truths, date back as early as 2007, when Max began playing acoustic house shows around Cleveland. These songs aren't Signals Midwest rejects, though; they draw from an entirely different set of influences, such as the Avett Brothers, Sundowner, the Mountain Goats and Frank Turner. Making the project more special is the involvement of Max's younger brother Jake, who he taught how to play guitar at a young age and contributed to the arrangements of the songs on Aging Truths.
One listen to these 10 songs and you'll understand why Max Stern is one of the brightest songwriters to grace the independent punk and folk scenes in quite some time.
300 copies on random colored vinyl

1. When I See You 
2. Love & A Sense Of Belonging 
3. The Catalyst 
4. I Will Learn 
5. What We've Built
6. Prosthetic Hand 
7. Wait, Move 
8. Commuters 
9. When You See Me 
10. Six Blocks
This is YCR-008.