Sunday, December 12, 2010

YCR-002 announced!

The Forecast's third full-length is self-titled for a reason: It is the band's best work to date, completely defining their sound and purpose. Fusing together the best parts of mid-'90s emo, turn of the century post-hardcore and elements of both timeless country and pop, the band have delivered what is truly a masterpiece, and one of 2010's best albums.

The Forecast was produced by John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance, Bayside) and features guest appearances from Geoff Rickly (Thursday), Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit/Terrible Things), Patrick Carrie (Limbeck), Jonathan Lullo (Down To Earth Approach), Paul Carabello (the Ataris) and Rob Applegate and Kevin Ohls (Greyson).

/122 Cherry 7-Up
/83 Suicide
/26 Cream Soda
/24 Mountain Dew
/14 Diet Cherry 7-Up
/3 Mello Yello
/2 Orange Fanta
/1 Vanilla Milkshake With A Cherry On Top

1. Losers
2. Illinois
3. Lost At Sea
4. I'll Set You Free
5. So Wrong
6. Kisses
7. Snake Charmer
8. If I'm Not Mistaken
9. Head's Will Roll
10. Life's A Garden, Dig It
11. A Better Man
12. Double On The Rocks

This is YCR-002.

Available for pre-order now by clicking here!

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