Saturday, December 15, 2012

YCR-009: Ghost Thrower/Foreign Tongues - split EP


This split 7-inch featuring four brand new songs is the next chapter in the evolution of both of these bright, young bands from the Northeast. Ghost Thrower leave behind the angry punk of their previous EPs for a janglier style of indie rock both classic (the Smiths) and current (Tigers Jaw), whereas Foreign Tongues aren't afraid to use their distortion pedals for a '90s post-grunge explosion akin to Balance And Composure or Sainthood Reps.
Coming soon...


A1: Ghost Thrower - All Work
A2: Ghost Thrower - Nothing Is Wrong
B1: Foreign Tongues - Smother
B2: Foreign Tongues -
New Drugs

This is YCR-009.

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